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The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples

The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples

Spectacle or Politics?

Barbara Glowczewski et Rosita Henry (ed.)
Oxford,  The Bardwell Press, 2011,  300 p.
This book is concerned with the ways in which Indigenous peoples express their cultural and social identities in art and politics. Based on field research and practical initiatives with Indigenous peoples in Australia, Oceania, Asia and Siberia, it provides chapters on contemporary creative and political practices.

 The authors, who include young anthropologists and artists, explore a range of performative and artistic contexts in which Indigenous people work to legitimate their singular existences through the networks they form with others. Their art, music, dance and ritual provide new and emergent forms of indigeneity, and are woven into political strategies for making their cultures travel across the world. "This is the first work to take performance and performativity really seriously in