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Indigenising Anthropology with Guattari and Deleuze

Indigenising Anthropology with Guattari and Deleuze

Barbara Glowczewski
Edinburgh,  Edinburgh University Press, 2019 [1],  456 p.


A collection of essays from Barbara Glowczewski’s 40 years of research with Aboriginal Australians in conversation with 20th-century philosophy

  • Brings together 14 key pieces by a world-renowned ethnographer of Indigenous Australia and theoretical interlocutor of Guattari’s thought
  • Establishes a direct relation between comparative Indigenous ethnography and Deleuze and Guattari’s body of work
  • Forms a response to the ontological debate as popularized by Brazilian and Deleuzian anthropologist, Viveiros de Castro, and French anthropologists, Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola
  • A proposal to think Indigenous knowledge as a form of philosophy that has answers for contemporary planetary issues we face by the growing impact of gas emissions and climate change
  • Opens new avenues for research on environmental and social justice based on the value of difference and creative resistance

This collection of essays charts the intellectual trajectory of Barbara Glowczewski, an anthropologist who has worked with the Warlpiri people of Australia since 1979. She shows that the ways Aboriginal people actualise virtualities of their Dreaming space–time into collective networks of ritualised places resonate with Guattarian and Deleuzian concepts. Inspired by the art and struggles of different Indigenous people and other discriminated groups, especially women, Glowczewski draws on her own conversations with Guattari, and her debates with various scholars to deliver an innovative agenda for radical anthropology.

ISBN : 9781474450300

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