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Truth, intentionality and evidence: anthropological approaches to crime and tort


The goal of this workshop was to investigate the notion of crime and torts in their contextual definitions, especially in the ways they were perceived by those most concerned. By doing so, we followed Isaac Schapera's suggestion to recognize the importance of understanding the perception of crime. Thus, the workshop intended to report and analyze different perceptions and definitions of actions as crimes or torts depending on the contexts and on people involved in various instances or moments of trials, mediations, and arbitrations. Presentations focused more precisely on the notions of truth, intentionality, and evidence related to the perception and definition of crimes and torts. The presentations consisted of empirical cases from different field sites in France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, India, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Iran and Algeria. The first day, presentations shed light on the impact of judiciary traditions and cultural categories in the process of assessing crime and tort, technologies of truth finding and the establishment of evidence, the metaphysical knowledge that surround the people engaged in assessing the crime and the tort. The second day, presentations focused more directly on the notions of intentionality and the cultural ideas of truth. The last session was devoted to the notion of truth in trials.


29-30 janvier 2015


Centre Jacques Berque (Rabat) 


Ben Hounet, Yazid,  Baudouin Dupret et Deborah Puccio-Den 

Collège de France
Labex TransferS
PSL Research University

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